The Boston Bruins have been a team since the very beginning of the LHL. Their season 1 record, with MastaSchmitty leading the way, was 7-17. Their Season 2 record, with MastaSchmitty leading again, was 6-23. Prior to Season 3, Boston and New Jersey agreed to trade all their assets to allow PKPaching's team to become the new Bruins, while Dick Van Deke acquired New Jersey and moved the team to become the Minnesota North Stars. With pkpaching taking over in Season 3, the Boston Bruins went 12-12.


Season 1Edit

  • MastaSchmitty (GM)
  • Goose (AGM)
  • Sweaty Goals
  • Newb
  • Dawel
  • Canadave
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Yuhefftobemad
  • T. Moose

Season 2Edit

  • MastaSchmitty (GM)
  • CrabInATree
  • Dick van Deke
  • dinoDNA
  • freemanator
  • Mr_Universe
  • Quoof
  • stricktotheland
  • yuhefftobmad

Season 3Edit

  • pkpaching (GM)
  • NotLead
  • galchenyuk
  • MigoMipo
  • BigV
  • Isken
  • mini5119
  • Superhotglue
  • NorseBruin
  • MrTb123

Season 4Edit

  • Jarvan (GM)
  • Lucic
  • Pet The Pizza
  • NeWAiJ
  • andyT300
  • Orban
  • Kapanen
  • robomaeyhem
  • DrSlugger
  • mini5119

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