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The Chicago Blackhawks have been a team since the LHL started. Their Season 1 record, with Toews leading the way, was 7-16-2. In Season 2, TaZeR took over the team and lead them to a 24-6 record. During Season 3, Mat took over with TaZeR taking an assistant role. Mat lead the Blackhawks to a 20-4 record.


Season 1Edit

  • Toews (GM)
  • Dyaloreax (AGM)
  • Marchy
  • Sammy
  • Burnwurnum
  • Bojarzin
  • Mr_Universe
  • Vokoun

Season 2Edit

  • TaZeR (GM)
  • Dyaloreax (AGM)
  • NotLead
  • Burnwurnum
  • GiraffeKiller
  • Sammy
  • robomaeyhem
  • Ticklebox
  • Marchy

Season 3Edit

  • Mat (GM)
  • TaZeR (AGM)
  • Roman Polak
  • Quoof
  • Pet The Pizza
  • NeWAiJ
  • Sweaty Goals
  • Sami Kapanen
  • James
  • Bryz

Season 4Edit

  • Mat (GM)
  • NotLead
  • DvD
  • Dalfan
  • Nick
  • Mr. Molerat
  • Richard_Douglas (AGM)
  • NorseBruin91
  • MCJabba69
  • Jonathan

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