Colorado Avalanche (COL)
League LHL
Players 8
Status Active
Founded 2013


The Colorado Avalache was formed by pkpaching. It is one of the 6 original LHL teams. After going 16-6 in the regular season, pkpaching gave the General Manager status to Keip, who after season 2 going 16-12, changed the team to the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Season 1

  • Pkpaching (GM)
  • Keip (AGM)
  • BigV
  • Black Stamkos
  • MilanLucic
  • Dopey Gee
  • Crispehs
  • Dan-A008
  • Kukler
  • AndyT300

Season 2

  • Keip (GM)
  • Acebulf
  • Bojarzin
  • Bryz
  • Mat
  • MilanLucic
  • Picklezz
  • savenor (AGM)

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