Originally the Dallas Stars, the Detroit Red Wings were renamed after season 1. Despite their success in the first LHL season and a promising preseason, Detroit, burdened by a small roster and the abscence of many of its players failed to make the playoffs in season 2. After Season 2, GiraffeKiller was named the new GM, and renamed the team to the New York Rangers. After Season 3, Bojarzin became a General Manager and the Detroit Red Wings were reborn.


Season 4Edit

  • Bojarzin (GM)
  • pkpaching (AGM)
  • Galchenyuk
  • Tigs
  • Keip (AGM)
  • Montpelier
  • kuklerrr
  • Molting Duck
  • FuzzyWuzzy
  • ROBV

Season 2Edit

  • Jarvan (GM)
  • Gherms (AGM)
  • KBomb
  • MigoMipo
  • Optimus Reim
  • Pet The Pizza
  • Vokoun
  • Canadave
  • Evkob

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