GuncaN Edit

Gundars "GuncaN" Noviks (born July 31, 2001) is a Latvian HockeyQM player. His hobbies are pretty interesting. He loves to play football. He was a football player for 9 years. He ended his career in 2016. There are rumors that he left, because of his teammates. He loves to play videogames.

Career Edit

He started to play this game in 2015. He played this game for some hours and left. He returned on May 2016. He signed up for JSL Season 3. He didn't know what to expect, so he just wanted to try out in American league. He only got 2 points - 2 assists for Iowa Wild. His teammates were pretty cool I guess...

Awards Edit

  • JSL Season 3 Regular Season Champion (Iowa Wild)
  • CHL Season 2 Champion (Reddit HQM)
  • Best Goalie in NGHL New Era 2016 (Gold Cats)
  • Top 3 Goalie of the Year (2016/17)

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