HockeyQuestion? Group - Hockey? Group in Vkontakte, located at At the moment, signed by 83 people, 65 of which are visited daily by page (In Month - 200). What makes us 2 most popular in Europe (after the community Hockey? Page?). Frequency posts - Week 2-4. Sanctifies news European and Russian leagues, as well as the usual news of the game, whether it's updates, additions, etc.


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Date of establishment - August 25, 2013.

History Edit

Originally created as a newsgroup league NGHL. A few months later it was decided to stop the activities of the group and merge with another group of Hockey? Page. March 26, 2014 the group resumed its activities newsgroup NGHL, but later NGHL again abandoned the group. But the group continued its activity with complete independence.

Administration Edit

David Dzhamiev - Wolk - chief admin

Daniil Trubyakov - Torres - admin

Denis Ochapovski - Denis102rus - editor

John Eriksson - MigoMipo - editor

Alexander Alibekov - Alexander09-02 - editor

Nikita Afonichev - Messi#10 - moderator

Former Administrator Edit

Maksim Tsepelev - GangsteRUnya - editor

Dmitriy Demenev - Bure#10 - editor

Egor Franko - Frank - editor

German Sazonov - Sudba - admin