Region Eastern Europe
No. of Teams 8
Current Champion Ice Creamers
Type 4v4

IPHL is the top-tier Russian Hockey? league. The league format varies a lot, as the community decides when and how to play tournaments.

Current teamsEdit

Tournament historyEdit

Main article: IPHL tournament history

Tournament Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place
VK League 2012 Nordic Union Sober Not Nyan Team/Tigers
VK Tournament 2012 Nordic Union Sober Not OscarLOL White Tigers
Autumn Tournament 2012 Sober Not Nordic Union Queens Park Butovo The Oscars
Winter Tournament 2012 Nordic Union Puck Fuckers Sober Not The Oscars
Spring Tournament 2013 Sober Not Nordic Union Puck Fuckers The Oscars
Delikatestrader Tournament 2013 Alliance The Oak-Trees Puck Fuckers The Oscars
IPHL Cup 2013 Nordic Union Sober Not Ice Creamers The Oak-Trees
Winter League 2014 Nordic Union Sober Not The Oak-Trees Puck Fuckers
Spring Mini Tournament 2014 Ice Creamers Alliance The Oscars Puck Fuckers
Commonwealth Cup 2014 Nordic Not Devilz Ice Creamers Alliance
IPHL Spring Tournament 2015 Devilz Alliance Ice Creamers Puck Fuckers
Ice Cup 2016 Ice Creamers Nordic Union The Oak-Trees Red Undead
IPHL Summer League 2016 Ice Creamers Nordic Union The Oscars Alliance
IPHL Winter Tournament 2017 Ice Creamers Devilz The Oscars Red Undead
Summer Cup 2017

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