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The Montreal Canadiens are a Season 3 expansion team. Led by Acebulf, and supported by Ticklebox, they went 20-3 in the regular season. The Montreal Canadiens also won the LHL Season 3 Championship.


Season 3Edit

  • Acebulf (GM)
  • Ticklebox (AGM)
  • Dick McButts
  • BigV
  • Teemu Salami
  • Dalfan
  • GoLeafsGo
  • Kev
  • TMN Hertl

Season 4Edit

  • Billiam (GM)
  • Sweaty (AGM)
  • Teemu Salami
  • Gabe
  • QuackyFace
  • Aaron
  • JLalu
  • botcato
  • HadesLord98
  • TrevKro

Draft PicksEdit

Season 3 Edit

  • Expansion Pick: Dick Mcbutts
  • 1st round: BigV (1st overall)
  • 2nd round: Ticklebox
  • 4th round: Kev
  • 6th round: TMN Hertl, GoLeafsGo

The 3rd and 5th round picks traded for Teemu Salami.

Season 4Edit

  • 1st round: Teemu Salami (4th overall)
  • 2nd round: Gray
  • 3rd round: DvD
  • 6th round: Montpeiler
  • 7th round: pburns1587
  • 8th round: ROBV
  • 9th round: JLalu

The 4th and 5th round picks, along with DvD, were traded for Crip Van Deke.

On a less serious note, Montreal and Chicago exchanged their 9th round picks (73rd and 72nd).

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