Version Release Date Description


6/28/2011 -initial release
0.51 -fixed chat bug-fixed player in wrong body bug-fixed invisible ice bug?-fixed game over on client-fixed assist-client controls a little better 

-net code improved


0.53 7/13/2011 -fixed net code more

-added switch teams

- added kick player

-added direct ip

-fixed disappearing puck bug

-fixed overtime ending bug

-fixed jumping exploit

0.55 1/15/2012

-added Mac version

improved -stickhandling (stick turns when brought close to body)

0.55dedicated 3/22/2012 -Added dedicated server
0.55a -unreleased test version
0.55b -unreleased test version
0.55c -unreleased test version
0.55d -replay mode
0.55e -observer mode
0.55f 6/7/2013 -observer mode improvements
0.59h 12/31/2013 -prototype version

-new engine

-new phyiscs

0.55uh 9/5/2016 -modded version built by the community

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